Tenaga Nasional Knights Of Nature Sustainability Camp 2014

A FREE* sustainability camp for young adults (16-25 years old) registered in a high school or university in Malaysia. Find out who they are!

Yasmin Rasyid

Yasmin Rasyid is the president and co-founder of EcoKnights, a non profit environmental organization based in KL. She obtained her first degrees in Biology (B.Sc) and Contemporary Religion (B.Arts) from Duke University, a M.Sc. in Biotechnology from University Malaya and is currently enrolled as a PhD candidate in University Malaya. She has also presented many papers in conferences in and outside Malaysia.

Her core expertise include strategic planning on sustainability for government agencies and corporate organizations. Yasmin also has great passion in environmental education and communication and has helped in the creation and production of effective environmental communication projects in her capacity as a consultant. She is also active in community-based conservation efforts.

Yasmin is also chairperson of MENGO (Malaysian Environmental NGOs), vice president of Pertubuhan Amal Kitar Semula Bumi Hijau, chairperson of the Duke Alumni Association Malaysia and is currently a guest lecturer at the Department of Science and Technology, Science Faculty, University Malaya. She is also a sustainability advisor for UM Cares, a green volunteer-based entity of University Malaya.

In her spare time, she loves to indulge in weekend volunteer projects and initiatives to help channel energy to and empower grassroots communities towards sustainable living.


Eugene Lim

Eugene Lim is a trainer from Seeds Training. Since 1993, Seeds Training has been working with educators and youth, delivering high impact training programmes that focus on accelerated learning methodology, experiential training, and dynamic curriculum. Over the last 18 years, they have worked with over 50,000 teachers, 1,300 schools and 5 million students in 21 countries around the globe and they are currently expanding our programmes across Malaysia.

Their youth training programmes develop social, emotional and accelerated learning skills thatprepare students for an increasingly competitive and ever-changing global environment.

Seeds Training's H.I.T. Teaching System has been designed to minimize theory and maximize application, work with the brain and provides teachers with the most current tools and skills that they can immediately use in the classroom to create a fun learning environment.

Their curriculum has been carefully designed and proven to produce long lasting results thatwork in the classroom as well as the "outside" world. More information about Seeds Training can be obtained by contacting their Managing Director, Patrick Wee at patrickweeseedstraininq.com


Andrew Zoromski

Andrew Zoromski earned his Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and was brought to Malaysia on a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant grant. After spending 2013 teaching English in Hulu Terengganu, Andrew is now the Content Developer and Strategist at EcoKnights, a local Environmental NGO. Andrew continues to work closely with the Malaysian American Commission on Educational Exchange (MACEE) and his Fulbright alumni to bring environmental awareness to the Malaysian schools they represent through EcoKnights programs like the Anugerah Hijau and 7thAnnual Kuala Lumpur Eco-Film Festival (KLEFF).

Though Andrew’s background is in communication, he has genuine concern for the environment and supports the causes represented by EcoKnights and their affiliates. Further, his education in communication led him to exploring topics such as sustainable peacebuilding and systems theory, which he uses to inform his work in the environmental sector. He subscribes to the notion that small efforts in large quantities can have a tremendous impact and seeks to help EcoKnights in conveying that message.


Jes Ebrahim

Jes Ebrahim Izaidin is a singer-song writer who has been involved with Environmental projects since the age of 9. A founding member and Youth Coordinator of The Tree Theatre Group, a child and youth based environmental NGO that uses Art; Music and Theater to help spread Environmental messages. He has written several songs on the environment namely ‘Tears of Trees’ that was selected to be one of the official songs for the United Nations Billion Tree Campaign, Heal Our World which is a song on climate change, Kunang-Kelip or Save Our Fireflies that was written for the Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Damansara’s Save the Fireflies campaign in 2006. His song ‘Empty Earth’ was written in conjunction with the International Year of Biodiversity 2010 and was performed with the accompaniment of a Traditional Dance theater as well as A Wayang Kulit or Shadow Puppet show done by the children and youth members of the Tree Theatre Group during the 4th World Children’s Festival held in Washington D.C. in June 2011. His latest song in environment is called ‘Season Of The Haze’ is about the ongoing deforestation of the forests in Indonesia and Malaysia due to the Palm Oil Industry and the yearly haze that comes along with it. Jes is currently a representative for Asia and Pacific in the United Nations Environment Program TUNZA Youth Advisory Council.


Lionel Yap

Lionel Yap Teck Liong is the General Manager for Solamas Sdn Bhd. He formed and managed the company and developed a solar niche for domestic and international business. He also developed markets for portable solar photovoltaic power solutions, building integrated photovoltaic solutions, solar powered personal chargers, and building energy efficiency programs. Lionel also involves in training and consultancy on energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable living.


Khairun Nisa

Khairun Nisa Mohamed Zabidi is the founding Chairperson of Recovr Resources, a social enterprise startup and advisory that aims to help communities achieve zero-waste through sustainable waste management practices and resource efficiency while empowering underprivileged individuals through high quality and equitable employment. With experiences in practicing CSR in the private sector and youth activism through the Malaysian Youth Climate Justice Network, her interests centre on corporate sustainability issues, green public policy and building capacity for the mitigation and adaptation of climate change. Khairun is Malaysia’s first Bayer Young Environmental Envoy,a British Council Climate Champion, winner of the KLue Blue Chili Awards and CLEO’s Young Achiever Awards, one of the CICAK e-book’s 25 Young Malaysians You Need to Know and a recipient of the Astro Scholarship Award. Under her stewardship, Recovr balances a 6-digit portfolio and a growing client base which has led towards winning the British Council-Arthur Guinness Social Enterprise Award and Agensi Inovasi Malaysia’s Genovasi Award. Khairun currently juggles the expat life in Jakarta with her diplomat family, honing important self-development skills chasing after and negotiating with her two toddlers, moonlights as a writer for mummy web portal Makchic.com while travelling back and forth KL to manage her company.


Abu Hafiz

Abu Hafiz bin Datuk Abu Huraira (26 yrs old) is the Director of Operations for HY Connections Sdn. Bhd, the Master Distributor of the SME Light (water powered lamp). He is responsible to market the product and the new technology locally and internationally through various NGOs and companies looking for Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. He has given talks at camps as well as a town hall meeting for residents (TTDI). Hafiz has was featured in Faces Magazine recently & appeared on Malaysia Hari Ini (TV3) regarding the SME Light. His target is for the SME Lights to be sold in retail outlets, locally and internationally. It is an on-going process. Currently, Hafiz has two jobs as he is also the Sales & Marketing Executive of The Printing Dudes Sdn Bhd. With numerous experiences under his belt, it is his goal to inspire people.


Rashvin Pal Singh

Rashvin Pal Singh is Biji-biji's accounting & finance professional with an affinity for risk assessment. As such, he keeps all projects within the limits of what is reasonably possible and makes the numbers work for us. Rashvin graduated with a degree in Accounting & Finance from the Bristol Business School. He spent four year with PwC, becoming a skilled business consultant. It is easy to work with Rashvin as he has an eye for detail, knows that the little things make all the difference and always manages to find a solution to any issues that arise.


Gurpreet Singh Dhillon

Gurpreet Singh Dhillon is Biji-biji's mad scientist with a love for design, construction, manufacturing, energy and everything with the word technology in it. If anything needs to be built, he has already done it. Gurpreet graduated with a BSc in Physics from the University of Manchester in 2010. He then returned to Malaysia and set up a three-year Biomass Waste Management project. As an industrial designer, he built a processing plant for biological waste refinery and developed production flows to manage agricultural waste in Pahang. Now he is back in the city and devising strategies to play with the goldmine of waste materials here.


Jeya Sheila Chelliah

Jeya Sheila Chelliah is a Manager at MyHarapan's Capacity & Capability department. A certified trainer by trade, Sheila is an industry veteran with years of experience in a variety of soft and hard skills coaching. Having served clients such as Fuji Xerox, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Guinness Anchor Berhad, DiGi Telecommunications and the Ministry of Higher Education, Sheila now heads the coordination of the Foundation's youth advisory and workshops.


Siti Khadijah Abdul Rahim

Siti Khadijah Abdul Rahim is an Executive at MyHarapan's Capacity & Capability department. Co-founder of Phyto by night and program executive by day, organising workshops and conferences in between, and a full time Bachelor of Pharmacy student at International Medical University, Malaysia; Kaddy is pretty much a hustler. Kaddy loves experimenting with the power of social design and a caring person who loves making a difference in the lives of the communities around her with a sound and optimistic outloook on all things in life.


Giorgio Catucci

Giorgio Catucci was born in Luxembourg and has lived in 4 countries (Luxembourg, Italy, USA and Malaysia) but is a US citizen. Gio, as he is more commonly known, started off in the hotel and restaurant business before moving on to work in the logistic industry for the last 17 years. His focus has been on process improvement along with leadership coaching and culture transformations. Gio started many social responsibility initiatives even since he was a Boy Scout. His interest in volunteering and outdoor activities has led him to help earthquake survivors in 1982. In 2012 Gio started organizing CSR initiatives in his office and by 2013 he was appointed as the CSR Ambassador, which is on a volunteer basis. Since 2013, Gio has also been actively volunteering with Yayasan Chow Kit focusing on developing entrepreneurial skills among marginalized youths that live in Chow Kit. He is also a member of DPDHL DRT (Disaster Response Team) specialized in providing logistic and warehouse management at the airport or port facilities to all NGOs during a national disaster. So far he has deployed 2 times – 2012 in Indonesia and 2013 in Philippines. Since Gio is a strong advocate of Social Business Principles to encourage anyone who runs a CSR initiative to be more self-sustainable and think about the value added the initiative can create, rather than just feel good for a day. At the Knights of Nature camp, Gio will inspire and empower the participants to start taking volunteer initiatives in to their own hands. He will share his experiences during disaster relief and his philosophies on his volunteering experiences. Gio has a Bachelor Science Degree in Marketing & Finance from Florida Atlantic University, an Associate Art Degree in Economics and an Associate Science Degree in Hotel Management, both from Broward Community College.


John-Son Oei

John-Son Oei was born and bred in the humble, tropical South East Asian country of Malaysia. After graduating from Taylors University with a degree in Media Management in 2009, he surprisingly found himself volunteering in a remote village in Malaysia where he organized a project to paint a village and build a toilet to improve sanitation. Using nothing but Facebook and a little power from the internet, he surprised himself when over 64 people from all over the world turned up to volunteer their time and energy to improve the village. It was then when he realized that “many people were hungry to serve but lacked the platforms to do so” and that great things or “EPIC things” could be achieved through “masses of people doing small purposeful actions”. This realization led him to start EPIC, a multiple award winning social enterprise that designs and creates collaborative platforms that enables ordinary citizens to positively impact communities in fun and easy ways. EPIC stands for Extraordinary People Impacting Community where its flagship programme is a non profit initiative called EPIC Homes; a system that empowers ordinary people to build sustainable homes for those in need within three days, and develop relationships while doing so. Inspired by Lego and Ikea, His idea was developed with the help of friends and over 40 architects, engineers and designers which culminated into a modular building system. Using this building system and developing logistical frameworks to fit a volunteer module, they have built 19 houses while working with over 500 people from more than 20 countries from all walks of life. Of his early success in this venture, John-son says “The key to this project is building relationships. When we build a home, the family receiving it is fully involved from the beginning till the end. Doing this together with the family is significant; it is a very powerful thing. There are so many tangible benefits that come from working cooperatively.” John-son’s work among has won him recognition and awards throughout the world, including the Microsoft’s Global YouthSpark Star award, Malaysia’s official flag bearer for the Queens Diamond Jubilee and 2012 Commonwealth day in the presence of the Queen Elizabeth, and the 2013 Man of the Year award for community spirit by Augustman Magazine. EPIC Homes has changed John-son’s life, and is changing the lives of many others throughout Malaysia as they too come to share the vision of building decent housing for the rural poor. EPIC is always on the lookout for either individuals or corporate groups who are looking to contribute back to the community through housing. John-son can be contacted through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. through their website at http://epichome.org/ or through their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/epicarmy


Angelina Shim

Angelina Shim had been an IT professional for the past 25 years. Her working life in the maritime industry had taken her to ports in Philippines, China and within the major cities in Malaysia. In June 2010, she was trained by Dr Madan Kataria as a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (CLYT) in Bangalore, India. Angelina believes that laughter is the best medicine and had conducted Laughter Dynamics to small groups and finds enjoyment in laughing with kindred spirits. During her professional life as an IT personnel, it was dead-lines after dead-lines each day. In order to de-stress, laughter among the working teams had relieve the tension of a fast-paced environment. Angelina believes that laughter is a powerful tool to overcome man-made barriers such as indifference, hatred, selfishness etc.


Julian Hyde

Julian Hyde is British, but has been living overseas since 1992. He is a scientist by training, with a degree in biochemistry. He worked for several years as a management consultant, including six years in Russia managing a variety of environmental consulting programmes. He moved to Malaysia in 1998, initially managing an environmental consulting company in KL before moving to Tioman Island to pursue his dream of running his own dive centre, which he did for six years. It was during that time that he became interested in Reef Check. In 2006 he moved back to KL to pursue other business opportunities. Having raised some funds, he worked with a team to establish Reef Check Malaysia as a registered NGO in Malaysia. Since then he has worked to raise funds for the organisation and to develop its programmes which now include a national annual coral reef survey programme, education programmes for schools, community-based projects and reef rehabilitation programmes.


Dr. Tan Jun-E

Dr. Tan Jun-E is the co-founder and General Manager of MESYM.com, as well as a Senior Analyst with the Institute of Strategic & International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia. She obtained her PhD in Communication from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; and has a Master's degree in Public Policy (Universiti Malaya) and a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems Engineering (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman). Her research interests include social and solidarity economy and sustainable development, environmental movements in Malaysia, as well as social media and trust. She is the main author of "Blogging and Democratization in Malaysia: A New Civil Society in the Making", published in 2008.


The Coordinators

Fadly Bakhtiar
Fadly Bakhtiar
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Amy Jaafar
Dania Amani
Dania Amani